Privacy Policy

By filling out this form or survey hosted on the website of TECNITRAD, you expressly, freely, and knowingly authorize the owner of TECNITRAD to use the information you provide in said form, on your own behalf or on behalf of a third party, for informational and/or advertising purposes with regard to the products that TECNITRAD makes and/or activities in which TECNITRAD engages. You likewise grant your consent to the storage of said information in the TECNITRAD database for use in the business activities or in the Customer Service area of TECNITRAD. TECNITRAD guarantees that it will make all possible efforts using state-of-the-art technology so as not to compromise your security and privacy. In the event that you provide false information, the consequences and effects resulting from such falsehood shall be your sole responsibility. If, at any time, you wish to have your information removed from the database, you must state so in writing, in an email sent to [email protected]. (It is hereby understood that the database may contain information provided on multiple occasions, as submitted on multiple opportunities. As such, you are responsible for indicating how many times and in what ways you have registered).