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Professional Translation

Any document translated by a professional translator who is part of our company.

Certified Translation

Any document translated by a member of the Peruvian Association of Translators (CTP). This translation is sealed and signed manually by a Certified Translator.

Digital Certified Translation (DCT)

Certified translations can be digitized with the new virtuality through the use of a Digital Signature Platform which is authorized by the Peruvian Government and meets all the requirements of the main international regulations in this field.

We are specialists in the following areas:


Manuals, fact sheets, user guides, etc.


Reports, balance sheets, financial statements, etc.


Brochures, magazines, websites, etc.


Contracts, agreements, certificates, etc.


Medicine, pharmaceutical, engineering, etc.


Prescriptions, etc.


Most frequently asked questions
The cost of a translation depends on the number of words to be translated, the speciality of the document and the language of the document.
It depends on the volume of the document. However, we always consider the delivery priority indicated by our clients.
Send us your document using any of our communication channels. We will provide you with a quote as soon as possible. To confirm the service, we request 50% of the payment in advance. Once the translation is delivered, the other 50% is paid.
Cash, bank transfer, deposit, PayPal, credit cards.


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